We are an independent shoe and foot orthotics retailer who wants to eliminate the common notion that proper footcare is only for people with foot pain.

We believe strongly in preventive footcare—so you can come to us even if you do not experience any foot discomfort; even if you are very young!


At Sole Mate, we offer a range of foot insoles from over-the-counter range to custom molded footbed—for children to adults, to senior citizens. As the name would suggest, custom molded footbed are made to individual digital foot mold. Yes, the left and the right foot differs! You can also find a range of functional, comfort footwear which are also orthotic-friendly. Functional footwear aims to promote better pressure distribution under the soles, stabilizing the feet and reducing foot fatigue.

comfort footbed
comfort footbed
comfort footbed
comfort footbed
comfort footbed
comfort footbed

Often time, our clients tell us “Oh, I usually wear a size larger when buying shoes from other brands!”. Here at Sole Mate, our carefully curated range of shoes are generally wider than most shoe brands out there, and thus eliminating the need to buy a size (or even two sizes) larger than you need!


We pride ourselves in practicing some of the traditional shoe-fitting principles.

Don’t be shy when we wish to get to know your feet a little more by first measuring your feet size, or make observations about the way you walk—we might even ask you some questions about your medical history.

A digital foot scan would also be performed on our 3D foot scanning device; which will show us the contours under your feet.

A general (no-obligations) foot assessment can take between 15 minutes to 35 minutes depending on your foot condition.

So, share with us your feet’s stories!


Generally, supportive foot insoles help with reducing pressure under the feet. In particular, supportive foot insoles when used in proper shoes are very helpful for hypermobile (very flexible) feet, flat footedness and over-pronation.

Not only that, these are also helpful in managing foot discomfort including heel pain, plantar fasciitis as well as some heel spurs.

Our 3D foot scanner makes it possible for us to create foot insoles which can support not only the medial arch, but also the lateral and metatarsal arches as well. In other words, these supportive foot insoles are more efficient in managing pressure under our soles.

It is also important to note that supportive foot insoles can sometimes help delay the need for surgery, and most importantly—help prevent diabetic foot ulceration. Oh, we have successfully made insoles for clients with very different foot arches between the left and right, too!

Not all diabetic of arthritic clients has an urgent need for foot insoles. For diabetic clients with risk of foot ulcerations, proper footwear should be high priority in self-management routine.

On the other hand, a good pair of supportive insoles helps slow down the wear and tear of our joints by reducing pressure to not only the feet, but also the joints above the ankles (i.e. including the knees and hips, and the ligaments around them).

Diabetic or arthritic feet sometimes present with either insensate feet, or with burning soles. The management of these conditions are on case-to-case basis; so the best is to speak to us directly. There are various cushioning material that we could use for different conditions.

Unfortunately, we are very adamant about fitting our foot insoles (whether from our OTC range or custom molded footbed) into proper, sturdy, functional shoes. This not only allow for efficiency of the insoles, it will also prolong the lifespan of your foot insoles.

In-shop foot assessment (including taking digital foot scans of your feet) would take up to 45 minutes. Upon confirming your order, your custom molded footbed would be ready at the shop within 5-10 days depending on the traffic at our lab.

Appointments are much appreciated, and currently our appointment time starts from 11am to 8pm.

Under general conditions, your footbed can last between 18 months to 24 months of daily wear. Our custom molded footbed are actually very hardy—and the lifespan really does largely depends on the kind of care given, and the types of shoes they were fitted into.


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